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Ban Tiya Thaï massage Geneva

Traditional Thai massage institute

Relaxation, Wellness, Sports, Health

Discover our massage institute in the heart of Geneva, a wellness space dedicated to the harmony of body and soul.

Offer yourself a delightful moment in a peaceful and relaxing environment.

Our authentic Thai massages free your mind, awaken the senses, rejuvenate the mind and fight against the stress and pains of daily life. They are done by professional Thai masseurs certified by the best schools of the country. Ban Tiya Thai Massage Geneva will help you discover the benefits of traditional Thai massage in Geneva.

  • Shower available
  • Individual cabins, fully soundproofed

Our massages

The virtues of Thai massage

The Thai massage is known to treat generalized tiredness and stress, but also back pains, circulation problems, headaches, insomnia and anxiety. The regular practice facilitates a harmonious life. It reduces tensions and allows the physical body tensed and contracted to find lightness and flexibility by improving the flow of blood. The Thai massage creates a sense of well­being and improves your quality of life. Ban Tiya Thai Massage Geneva will help you discover the benefits of traditional Thai massage in Geneva.

Traditional Thai Massage

This very old technique, practiced for over 2500 years, restores balance and energetics of the body by combining muscle massages, stretches and pressure points. Acting on all tissues of the body, the skin, the muscles, the ligaments, as well as the blood vessels, it improves the well-­being and comfort of the body and mind by reducing the muscle tension and stress. Ban Tiya Thai Massage Geneva will help you discover the benefits of traditional Thai massage in Geneva.

Massage with Aromatic Oils

This relaxing massage alternates fluid movements and deep pressure for your most tense muscles and light percussion that will soothe the stress of everyday life. The use of essential oils with soothing, purifying and medicinal properties will relax the body depth, optimizes the circulatory system and enhances your skin by restoring its full flexibility. The Thai massage oils stimulates vital organs sensory, brings you inner well-­being and prevents many diseases. Ban Tiya Thai Massage Geneva will help you discover the benefits of Thai massage with aromatic oils.

Foot massage. Reflexology

Thai massage is done by foot deep pressure on reflexology points on the feet and legs. This foot massage improves blood and lymphatic circulation, drains toxins and relieves tired legs. It stimulates all the organs of the body and releases muscle tension throughout the body. Ban Tiya Thai Massage Geneva will help you discover the benefits of Thai Foot Massage.

Sport massage

Sports massage can make a big difference in preventing sports injuries and to obtain better athletic performance. Sports massage involves deep-tissue manipulation and vigorous kneading to improve muscle tone, tissue oxygenation, and general nutrition of muscles. It reduces risks of injuries and stimulates the metabolism.

When you reach a high level of fitness, sports massage reduce recovery time between intense workouts, decrease muscle tightness and reduce the potential for injury. Sport massage favorises blood circulation and accelerates flushing away the toxins generated by physical efforts. It reduces body aches and stiffness by relaxing muscles and to prepare athletes for their best performance.

Rates on request


Traditional Thai Massage

Oil massage. Aromatherapy.

Foot massage. Reflexology

30min 1h 1h30 2h
50 Fr. 100 Fr. 130 Fr. 170 Fr.
30min 1h 1h30 2h
50 Fr. 100 Fr. 140 Fr. 180 Fr.
30min 1h
50 Fr. 90 Fr.

Loyalty card: 11th massage offered.


Gift cards available! Ask us!

With or without appointments, booking recommended. Our massages are not erotic or medical.


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Shopping center Planète Charmilles

Promenade de l’Europe 11
1203 Geneve

Entrance from outside the shopping center
On the left of the main entrance. On the corner between Avenue d’Aïre 24 and Promenade de l’Europe 11.

Underground parking Planète Charmilles Free 1:30.

Bus: 6-10-11-19. Stop 'Charmilles'.

For any inquiries, suggestions or complaints send us a message to:
(except reservations)

Monday to Saturday from 10am to 20pm

Tel. +41 22 557 74 00

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